Script 41 pages by B. Duché

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A “sustainable pleasure of life” with the power of my consciousness.
Keep the life of pleasure. Just transform its expression.
In other words, rediscover my true pleasure of living.
Harmony is power. Understanding the self is power. Being kind yet clear with myself is power.
Meditation has taught me two things: First lightness and second, being carefree. No worry.

What is true “spiritual effort”?
Not to knock my head over with promises, hardship and discipline.
But to be and stay in the right consciousness. Just being me, no matter what.
What it takes is a realization. A click.
When I radiate love, happiness, contentment, that same vibration comes back to me. People feel naturally attracted to my smile, my refreshing inner beauty.
The question is: How can I remain constantly so radiant? Five elements have to be aligned. Make such an easy life for yourself!