Agir et Lacher prise

Book 29 pages by B. Duché

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Yes, I know, pretty much everything has been written on the topic.

The concept of "Let go" has become a very fashionable cliché, with its own role plays, coaches and broadcasts.

When should I let go? In which situation?
To begin with, I can improve two powers that we all have in ourselves, at different levels:
Discernment and Detachment. They go well together.
The more detached I am, the more I am in my inner space, my space of silence, the sharper my discerning skills.

To meditate is not simply to be seated in the lotus position while listening to monotonous (and often boring) music, reciting some exotic mantra in a subdued light.

You can meditate in the subway, in front of your computer, while riding your bike or preparing dinner.

If I look at a literal meaning of the law of karma, then everything is already written.
Thus, why bother? Why should I act? Just let go!

But the law of karma is not a fatality.
And ''Let go'' doesn't mean ''forget it''.

The meaning of life is to show me situations which will help me become clearer about myself when I look at them with a little spiritual discernment.

I see. I accept. I understand. I realise. I transform.
I change something in my modus operandi, my way of thinking and of approaching people and situations.

And I listen... to others, to the world, to myself.

And here, I really start to act.

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