The Ring

Script 30 pages by A. Vancy

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In a large company, two main characters: a male executive and the female consultant who is supposed to evaluate and probably fire him.

In a "double-entendre" dialog, she plays her charm and ambiguity on him, showing him another side of life where he sees intense lights and vibrations.

She always steps in when he least expects to meet her, and one night she unfolds the real mission of the company he works for. The "big boss" promotes him to the direction of the New York office with the objective to give hope to those who have lost all hope and to give light in the midst of the chaos which will precede the great stillness.

Sitting in the plane as it takes off, he turns a ring around his finger, "the ring" with the oval image of 'the Source'...

Comments from the author:

THE RING features normal people leading normal lives in a large company, except for one very ambiguous and fascinating young woman who seems to run the whole game, and who is not really interested in the executive that she's supposed to fire but in the being, the soul, who is hidden behind him!

Her unpredictable character unveils unknown sides in the young executive as well as very interesting and unlimited aspects about his life.

With her special way of playing games, she elevates him towards a more spiritual vision of himself and brings him to wonder about essential questions of life and the possibility of a spiritual Source.

She brings him to strange places which open him to intense and pleasant meditation experiences.

Until he really understands the true purpose of his life and his mission in the company and in the world.

A tribute to Plato Myth of the Cave (The Republic, Book VII).