The Telescope

Script 32 pages by B. Duché

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In the sky, above the clouds.

A leather recliner armchair with all the options, and a revolving telescope on a tripod.

Two angels stand on each side of the armchair: RAPHAËL, on the right and GABRIEL, on the left.

Raphaël leans over the recliner and whispers: "Lord, would You like to see what your children are doing?"

The world seen from the sky or another vision of God. A God who is not a 'Cecil B. DeMil miracle maker', who is not everywhere and in everything, who doesn't decide everything that happens to the world and who didn't create the earth or the stars.

An invisible and incorporeal God who is stunned to see all the prophets who, like Abraham, is ready to sacrifice his son on Mount Moriah ; or Job, who loses everything, not to mention those who see God's hand in the Ten Plagues of Egypt, in seeping statues, in people raising from the dead, in sinking ships in Bermuda, earth quakes and tsunamis!

Well, the thing is: Raphaël is the one who's handling His PR! He's also he one who advises Him to go down to Earth in order to change His divine image, reminding Him that he can do all sorts of things at the spiritual level: He can help souls, sustain them, protect them, guide them, enlighten them, and who knows what else

He just has to pick one soul who is really degraded, like a grumpy moaner, unhappy with everything even though he has everything. Then to play the good ol' Job trick on him, making sure that his life becomes miserable with a few subtle hints here and there, and then, to tactfully guide him towards a new way to look at things before putting him back into his property.