Slum Model

Script 96 pages by A. Vancy

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The remarkable fate of an ordinary young Indian woman, LAKSHMI, a "seva-dhari", who becomes a Top model overnight (Indian remake of "My Fair Lady").

Her pathway from a superficial life to a deep personal search in order to find her true self and to help Indian women regain their self-respect.

This script is about the contrast of two worlds and two cultures (Rajput wedding…)

Lakshmi is an ordinary young Indian woman who quickly faces her own disillusion about the superficial world of the Parisian fashion industry, so she begins a search for her roots and identity.

After getting married to a French designer working for a top fashion company, she meets a wise yogi who introduces her to spirituality. When she goes back to her own country (India), as a fashion VIP, she understands the deep meaning of meditation.

Realizing the extent of marital abuse in her own country, she undertakes a new venture which aims to bring dignity and self-respect to untouchable women throughout India while teaching them about values, thus helping them become re-acquainted with their true self.

Comments from the author:

In SLUM MODEL, I meant to illustrate four main aspects:

1/ In the big game of "Money, Power & Fame", LAKSMI possesses everything overnight, i.e: beauty (Top model), wealth, fame and a pretence of love, yet, instead of being happy, she feels that something is missing and she doesn't know what.
Is it something about her roots, or the woman condition or something even stronger?

2/ Mix of cultures between the snobbish Parisian haute couture and the effervescent "bollywood" style with its ebullient songs and dances.

3/ The importance of meditation which allows Lakshmi to understand who she is and to realize her part and place in the world.

4/ The condition of Indian women with Lakshmi's original idea to make her husband's talent available to Harijan women who create an untouchable Indian couture house in order to help them regain their self-respect.