Script 62 pages by A. Vancy

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On September 15th 2010, in Irkoutsk, in Eastern Siberia, the Russians designed a sophisticated device combining a satellite with a superconducting "Y" junction particle accelerator. This satellite embarked a secret technological device which can detect BEYIONS, a subatomic particle beyond time/space which travels in one of the 11 dimensions of the String theory. Beyions are ubiquitous and, in this supra-dimension, they send instantaneous information to photons about their future positions.

John is a young and bored London lawyer married to Diane who is an agent with WFP (World Food Program). At a party, John meets a commodity trader who offers him a high paid position and, in order to gamble on the commodity market, John uses information his wife innocently gives him about farmers' situation on the field.

Recently, she has been experimenting with the power of thoughts and its impact on even such mundane facts as the price of grain. A true miracle happens, the price of corn goes down, traders in London get crazy, and, in space, next to the Russian satellite, the Beyion "sends" powerful light beams to the City, to Wall Street, to Zurich and to all the main commodity market places.

Comments from the author:

With QUANTIC, I tried to illustrate the extraordinary power of thoughts with a parallel to quantum mechanics.
I invented the concept of the "Beyion", a subatomic particle which is superluminal, has no mass and is beyond time/space reference. It therefore travels through past and future and challenges the question of cause & effect. (yesterday and tomorrow are the same word in Hindi : "Khal"!).

Stoicism knew that the future is finally the same as the past: it is a past which comes back eternally.

This script is also the meeting of two opposite worlds: Commodity traders and humanitarian NGOs. Greed and altruism: is a meeting possible?!

Can the power of benevolent thoughts actually change the harsh reality of the commodity market?