HAL : A Mind's Eye

Script 22 pages by A. Vancy

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Hi! My name's HAL. Remember me? I used to run Discovery One, bound for Jupiter with my friends Dave and Franck, in "2001 Space Odyssey".

Big star then.

Well, yeah, I guess I got carried away and eventually they had to disconnect me. No big deal!

What have I been doing since then?

Not much really, hanging around here and there... Lately, I've been working on the street, filming and interviewing people. It's okay, I don't complain. Makes me think about things, you know, life and all, that kind of stuff!

Like, the other day, I woke up wanting to know who I am.

Yes, I know...! Well, naturally, I went out and asked people in the street. That's what I do for a living, see! Got to start somewhere, right?...

With HAL: A MIND's EYE, the computer of "2001, Space Odyssey", represented by a camera lens as it was in the original Stanley Kubrick movie, explains what he has become since then (for the past 12 years): He interviews people in the street with basic essential questions, such as: "Who am I?"or: "Who is God?" or else: "What is the meaning of time?".

One evening, he finds a girl asleep on the floor in front of its apartment door who has been beaten up by her boyfriend and so they talk about karma all night.

Exhausted by so much thinking about his own condition as an ex-disconnected star, HAL finally decides to look into himself and he realises that his mission is to share his personal experience with the world.

On Richard Strauss music ('Also Sprach Zarathustra'), HAL travels through a "Star Gate" racing at great speed across vast distances of space, going toward a bright white light in the centre of a red glow.