Script 193 pages de A. Vancy

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ELSEWHERE I - The Icare Woman

Spiritual quest for two characters whose destinies meet in a series of adventures between Paris and Rajasthan (India), with Plato's Myth of the Cave and Atlantide in the background.

'Treasure hunt' to the 'Giant Bubble', lost paradise at the bottom of the ocean and in their own consciousness.

AUDREY's dream, the Icare woman, is to fly. Her obsession becomes criminal and she doesn't realize that a deeper metaphysical reality is hidden behind it: she strives to get away from her own body which is a jail for her instead of getting to the core of her true spiritual nature.

Meeting between ALEXIS and Audrey in the 'Lost temple' where they are held captive by knight-monks who've been the guardians of an ancient secret since Alexander the Great, in the far away lands of India.

After they escape, they are finally able to put together the pieces of an old parchment and its riddle leads them to an ashram on top of the Rajasthan mountains. There, a strange old man on a 'gaddi' guides them back to the 'Giant bubble' where they are initiated by the 'Source of light'.
Their initiation brings them back to 'civilization', as their destiny is to go back among men and to tell them what they have seen, what they have awakened in themselves.

ELSEWHERE II - The Free child

Audrey and Alexis feel attracted by an invisible force towards a child born in a family close to the Prime Minister of India.

In the context of terrorist attacks close to the Bombay ones in 2008, the true Mahabharat war is re-enacted as scientists gather around the new born baby in order to reveal a 'weapon of massive reconstruction', an 'atmic bomb' intended to free the souls of the world and to restore a world of beauty, peace and harmony at the bottom of the ocean, the 'Giant Bubble'.

ELSEWHERE III - The seed of destiny (Flashback)

On May 12th, 1936, the French consul in Mahé (India) has invited a few guests for dinner. Because of a violent storm, Mahatma GANDHI and LEKHRAJ, the consul's wife personal jewelrer, accept to stay overnight.

Suddenly, the power is cut off and the house is in the dark. In the Ramayana lounge, EDOUARD, the consul's son stays with Gandhi, while his sister ALEXANDRA is fascinated by Lekhraj's strange visions, in the Bhagavad lounge.

ELSEWHERE III is a flashback and a synthesis of the two previous sections. The wonderful world of the 'Giant Bubble' is described with even more details, along with the notions of soul-consciousness, meditation and Supreme soul.

The two main characters are depicted in their previous incarnations. In their next births, they will be guided again to the mountain and the wonderful world will be revealed to them again as their destiny is to go back among men and to tell them what they have seen, what has been awakened in themselves.

Gandhi's quotations are authentic and he actually came to Mahé in May 1936 (at the time of the Popular Front in France).