Script 41 pages by B. Duché

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Isn't it what first comes to mind when you think of what makes your life miserable?

Well, sorry to break the bad news but, like it or not, these people, relationships and situations are here to help us.

How so? Life sets them right in front of you to make you realize something about yourself.

Something deep, something subtle, some hidden truth about you, food for thoughts and for inner transformation.

That's the whole point of life. And when it happens to you, well, you see it or you don't!

If you don't, it will get back to you, tirelessly, until you understand and transform whatever you have to change.

We always underestimate how much our vision of others may change a given situation.

The point is: we don't have to look outside to find what really makes our life miserable, do we? Why do we always blame what's outside for problems that are inside? So many things, so many feelings, judgments and influences that we cling to, as if life depended on them.